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All-Ways Track is an affordable, web based, easy to use, trucking and brokerage software with no contracts. This was designed to simplify your company. Our software reduces the stressful day-to-day operations while helping you focus and increase your profit. All-Ways Track is the only software you’ll need to ensure your company runs as smooth and effectively as it can. Sign up today to see how simple your trucking operations can really be.

Key Features

Create IFTA Reports In Less Than 2 Minutes

Automatic, Real Time Fuel Integration

Calculate Driven Miles Automatically

Driver and Company Settlements

Accurate, Easily Accessible Reports For Your Whole Business

Send Invoices Through Email, Or Get Paid Faster With Factoring Company Integration

Plan And Track Loads From Anywhere, At Any Time

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Designed for You, Wherever and Whenever You Need It


Our dedicated team is here to serve you with all your technical needs.


We upgrade our software constantly so you can stay current with the most recent technology.


Free start-to-finish video instructions to fully understand software features.


Access our software from any computer, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.

Mobile App

All-ways Track has a mobile app that allows our Dispatchers and Drivers to easily connect with one another to create a more productive and simpler work environment.

  • Send and receive new loads
  • Send ETA with In and Out times
  • Send POD from a phone or tablet

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The Only Software You Will Ever Need

All-Ways Track has every tool you’ll need to run your business effectively whenever and wherever.


Reduce the time you spend on paperwork, IFTA fuel tax reporting doesn’t have to be a headache, get the numbers you need for filing without the stress. With All-ways Track you just need a few clicks to get you IFTA report.

Easily Accessed via Internet

All-Ways Track is designed to be accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Our mobile design means that it is available on any device with internet connection.

Send Tracking Status via Email

Keep customers informed on their load status. Set up automatic notifications via email directly from All-Ways Track Software to customer.

Expiration Date

Never miss an important expiration date. All-Ways Track keeps upcoming expiration dates in a single tab for easy access and  notifies you via a pop up window when attempting to use driver or equipment.

Integrated Mile Calculation

All-Ways Track partnered with PC Miler to integrate accurate line haul miles and simultaneously calculating customer charges, driver settlements and IFTA reports.

Simple to Use

Easy to use, All-Ways Track e-logs simplifies HOS (Hours of Service) and DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) requirements—and ensures you’re always up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations.

Fuel Card

All-Ways Track works with industry leading companies such as EFS, Fleet One, Comdata, Love’s, and more to ensure easy and simple fuel card integration is accessible for your company. 

Integration with Quick Books

All-Ways Track has been set-up to easily export valued information to quickbooks, to help save you time.

Detailed Customer Rate Agreement

All-Ways Track can generate customer rate agreements/confirmations with ease and sent directly from your system to customer, saving you time.

Truck and Trailer Maintenance

Save time and money by keeping your vehicles on the road. With All-Ways Track, you have all the required inspection, repair and maintenance history ready any time.

Driver and Carrier Payment

All-Ways Track helps every part of your business be efficient and this includes paying drivers and external carriers. You can easily set All-Ways Track to help keep track of how and when you pay.  


Some parts of your business are already pretty simple, so we made sure All-Ways Track kept those simple parts and included them directly in our software. You can still easily print checks using All-Ways Track.


All-Ways Track has built in GPS Tracking that effectively tracks when and where the truck goes, its speed, idle time, and provides customer real time location updates

Dispatch and Load Scheduling

At the core of every trucking and brokerage company is one thing, dispatch and load scheduling. All-Ways Track was designed knowing how vital this is. Dispatch and load tracking is made easier than ever and our system is constantly updated to ensure efficiency.

Detailed Reports and Statistics

All-Ways Track shows detailed reports and statistics for every aspect of your business. We want to ensure that every part of your company is running as effectively as possible, and we want you to be able to see it too. 

Easy to Understand Graphs

Sometimes a ton of numbers and words can be pretty confusing, so we give you a simpler way. We have made easy to read graphs to help you compare your month to month, or even year to year. These graphs will help show exactly how efficient All-Ways Track has made your business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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All-Ways Track offers all the advantages and tools that other large systems offer at only a fraction of the cost. Price is based on the number of trucks in a fleet and additional modules requested.

Cost adjusts accordingly if fleet increases or decreases.

Software Training is free of charge.

Quick tutorials are also available within the system.

Training is available if necessary to achieve full understanding of system features.

Group or one-on-one training can be done via screen sharing, phone, or at our facilities.

Implementation is fast and easy.

We offer customer, driver, and equipment database import to our software, so you will be up and running in no time.

The number of users is unlimited at no cost and can be categorized by job description allowing specific functions and privileges to each user.

All-Ways Track allows multiple companies to be managed simultaneously with in the same log in and offers the advantage of having the entire office in the same system.

The system keeps different information from each company separated.

Our Story

All-Ways Track was created 5 years ago after realizing how difficult it was running a transportation company with just stacks of paper, excel spread sheets, and phone calls. We knew there was a better and simpler way.

Our Mission

Our software was designed and is constantly updated with one goal in mind, simplify and grow your trucking business. All-Ways Track was made to reduce costs and increase profits, so your stress is reduced but your profit doesn’t. 

Our Offer

  • An all-in-one trucking and brokerage software that will simplify your business.
  • Free support and tutorials to ensure you succeed every step of the way.
  • Constant updates to ensure your business is always at its best.
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